dv01 INTELLIGENCE: Predictive Analytics for Consumer Loans

dv01 Intelligence provides predictive analytics for consumer loans, offering investors insights that are customized to their portfolios, integrated into the product, and immediately actionable.

dv01’s proprietary risk models use macro and micro insights, as well as loan level data from five major US marketplace lenders, to predict default and prepayment risks for marketplace loans. Our cashflow engine, built from the ground up, integrates with our risk models to power additional Intelligence offerings, such as anomaly detection and stress testing.

We designed our infrastructure for scale, which allows unlimited third party data integrations (i.e. census, economics data, etc.), which we use to improve modeling and provide external context to individual portfolio performance.
Research reports

Gain in depth understanding into origination and performance trends


Review how your cut of the pool compares to the full universe of loans

Anomaly detection

Identify under and over performing cohorts with our AI algorithm


Predict future returns based on prepay, default, and severity assumptions

Stress testing

Analyze how adverse economic scenarios impact marketplace asset performance

Why Us?

Building dv01’s reporting and analytics tools has uniquely positioned us to offer true financial intelligence to our clients.
We’ve developed data engineering and mining expertise by aggregating 100s of 1,000s of data points from marketplace lenders.
We have a deep understanding of client level portfolios, having provided our customers insight into $55B+ of loans.
We’ve built a team that successfully combines technology and finance—and now academia.