Interested in diving deeper into online lending data? dv01’s Market Surveillance offers investors access to datasets from the largest online originators, encompassing over 4 million loans with performance history dating back to 2007.
With dv01’s Market Surveillance, investors have access to a full suite of built-in visualization tools, meaning complex questions involving loan composition, performance metrics, and credit metrics no longer require a team of analysts or several days of manual work. Whether you’re looking to gain a high level overview of one originator or do in-depth reporting on several, simply log in and get started.  


Review historic performance across platforms, including prepay, default, and loss

Analyze platform underwriting credit metrics and study evolution of the credit box over time

Automatically generate cashflow assumption vectors for use with dv01’s cashflow engine (launching Q4 2017)

Compare performance analysis between platforms and vintages, including analyzing specific credit cohorts

Run custom strat reports in seconds

Export customized reports in PDF and Excel format

Build custom graphs to visualize data


Platform Monitoring
High level overview of platform data, including delinquency analysis, value over time, and loan attribute drifts (FICO, DTI, etc.).
  • Monitor delinquency by reviewing the transition matrix for a given month or delinquency breakdowns across loan pools.
  • View drift curves of credit metrics, roll rates, and performance across vintage quarters.
  • Export loan tapes of the entire portfolio or a subset of loans (available in Intex-compatible format).
  • Review and export loan strats, checking aggregated balance and credit metrics across loan statuses.
Performance Analytics
Fast answers to complex questions involving loan composition, performance metrics, and credit metrics—all shareable as a PDF or Excel.
  • Compare performance across platforms including analysis of prepay, default, and loss
  • Analyze performance in seconds plotting CPR, CDR, Cum Loss, Cum Charge Off, Cum Prepay, ROI, NAR, and Roll curves.
  • Filter and segment loan pools to evaluate past performance and identify key risk areas, or drill down further for loan level diligence.
Excel-based solutions designed to accompany product functionality while providing additional insights. Delivered through the portal’s Report Center or via email.
  • Overview Summary Completely configurable report that aggregates any charts, tables, and graphs from the platform into one comprehensive PDF.
  • Payment Summary Reconciliation Daily summary of platform’s position and aggregated payment activity; can be leveraged across a wide array of teams in reconciling cash movements and other internal processes.
  • Data Validation and Monitoring Custom reports that monitor underlying data in a specified way.