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Improvements to Performance Charts Now Available

15 November 2022

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What’s changing?

 Charting performance over time—by As of Month, Deal Age, and Loan Age—can now be done from a single web page (Analysis). Previously, performance charts were configured across three separate web pages (Historical Analysis, Deal Age Analysis and Loan Age Analysis). 

Note: This functionality can be found across the web app (Securitizations, Portfolio Surveillance, and Intelligence)

How to:

  1. Navigate to the new page: Securitization/Portfolio Surveillance/Intelligence > Performance/Performance Compare > Analysis

    analysis - 1

  2. To configure the chart, select Chart Settings > Edit Charts to prompt a user panel.

    analysis - 2
    analysis - 3

  3. Set your x-axis (As Of Month, Loan Age, Deal Age) and any other performance metrics to analyze. Save changes to render the chart and data table.

    analysis - 4

Who is impacted?

All Securitizations, Portfolio Overview and Market Surveillance users

Why is this important?

Consolidating steps to allow users to analyze performance metrics from a single interface improves the overall user experience.


dv01 support: Analyzing Performance with Deal Age, Loan Age, and Historical Analysis


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