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Tape Cracker: Append Data to Loan Tape with Pre-Loaded Reference Tables

20 September 2022

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What’s changing?

Appending data to a loan tape via a lookup can be time consuming. Users can now leverage pre-loaded reference tables to join data onto their loan tape. This action can be done on the Standardize page when bulk applying. 

Note: At this time only supported mappings are Property ZIP Code to CBSA Code. Let us know if there are additional mappings you’d like uploaded to your org view.

How to:

  1. Within the Bulk Apply Calculations drawer on the Standardize page, select the 

    Browse All Reference Tables tab.

  2. Select the reference table you would like to apply and click Add Selected To Queue. Note: The Reference Field Names used in the reference table must be matched or calculated in order to successfully apply a reference table.

  3. Select Run Transformations to apply the reference table to your tape. When the reference table is applied.

Who is impacted?

All Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Users are able to easily lookup and append data to their loan tapes.



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