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Measure ESG Compliance of Portfolios

Develop ESG Infrastructure for Clients

Effective ESG scoring and reporting requires data as a foundation

A lack of robust data is the biggest challenge in ESG investing for structured products—until now. dv01 has built proprietary technology that extracts and connects data from authoritative sources to append critical ESG attributes to individual loans within bonds and portfolios.

Comprehensive ESG data and analysis tailored to your needs

A robust, data-focused ESG solution for bonds and portfolios

dv01 enables you to measure, evaluate, and refine your ESG strategy through trusted data, intelligent reporting, and top-tier client services.

Customizable ESG Reporting

Get insights into the loans and security balances that adhere to five market-accepted ESG standards: The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, ICMA’s Social Bond Principles, ICMA’s Green Bond Principles, SASB’s Mortgage Finance Standard, and The GIIN’s Iris+ Taxonomy.

Loan-Level ESG Data Exports

Standardized loan tapes enriched with 47 ESG data points relevant to the sustainability risks and opportunities associated with environmental and social factors, such as diversity and inclusion and climate-related exposure.

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Uncover the opportunities and understand your risk

dv01’s modern data infrastructure is completely flexible, allowing us to offer customizable ESG data and reporting services.

ESG Impact Reporting

Unearth risks and opportunities within your current portfolio to establish an ESG baseline. Using ESG criteria, dv01 evaluates your portfolio’s composition, ROI, and risk of investments, and helps you optimize your ESG strategy and performance reporting.

ESG Verification Agent

Receive the loan-level data support needed to launch ESG deals and report performance. dv01 helps you shape a pool by identifying loans that fit your criteria. Once the deal closes, dv01 verifies, validates, and updates the loan-level data throughout the deal’s lifecycle.

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  • Assess existing portfolio and identify ESG adherence
  • Attract new capital from equity and securities investors
  • Optimize portfolio construction and compliance letters for ESG bond issuance


  • Evaluate individual investments
  • Minimize risk and improve returns
  • Satisfy client and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) reporting requirements


  • Build data-driven scoring and risk services
  • Help clients develop an ESG infrastructure
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