Credit Facility ManagementOptimize warehouse lending reporting to secure funding and repayment

Comprehensive services for managing, tracking, and funding warehouses
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Enhance Operational Performance

Automate Borrowing Reports

Set Customizable Rules

Institutional warehouse lending is complex. Reporting with dv01 isn’t.

Streamline credit facility reporting for peak operational efficiency and improved credit risk mitigation. Configure performance-related triggers, set concentration limits, and gain insights into the size of any breaches—all with loan-level data.

dv01’s fully customizable solution can meet the requirement of any lending facility, regardless of asset class.

Calculation Agent

Whether it’s borrowing base reports, validation reports, waterfall reporting, or ad-hoc reports, dv01 ultimately provides an accurate picture of the collateral’s value as well as a drill down on how valuation is derived. As more facilities transition out of mark-to-market, dv01 acts as a single source of truth by validating data and confirming calculations across multiple stakeholders.

Verification Agent

dv01 certifies the veracity of borrower reports and confirms that pledged loans correspond to real consumers. dv01’s automated process delivers results in minutes, granting loan issuers access to capital faster and warehouse lenders confidence in the reporting.

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