Loan Data Agent for SecuritizationsBoost Transparency and Confidence in Securitizations

A modern solution for monthly reporting on collateral composition and deal performance
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Access Standardized Loan-Level Data

Streamline Reporting Processes

Boost Market Transparency

Reduce your over-reliance on spreadsheets by simplifying reporting operations

Spreadsheet risk is real—raw data is messy and error prone, large files crash programs, and formulas break. Even worse, today’s investors lack modern analytics to make sense of these reams of data.

As Loan Data Agent within securitization transactions, dv01 handles the entire data preparation process and reports monthly performance. Participating investors then receive free access to the standardized loan-level data along with fully integrated analytics and reporting tools via the dv01 web app, where they can review composition, analyze performance, and project collateral and tranche-level cashflows.

Modern data-first infrastructure

dv01’s flexible data infrastructure accepts data from servicers, issuers, and originators in a variety of formats and transforms it into a standard format, allowing us to guarantee data integrity throughout the lifecycle of a deal.

Data Quality Checks

All securitization data onboarded are protected by a series of comprehensive validations that are applied at various stages in the data pipeline process.

Up-to-Date Performance Data

By establishing a data pipeline with loan providers, dv01's streamlined ETL process provides stakeholders fast access to performance data.

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Fully integrated analytics

By leveraging world-class analytics tools, stakeholders can extract actionable insights on collateral composition and performance in seconds.

Interactive Performance Charts and Tables

Analyze historical performance for the collateral pool and all tranches, as well as historical prepay and delinquency trends, by loan age and deal age. Even more, examine the movement of loans across delinquency statuses.

Reporting Tools

Visualize data by any loan field to drill into the specifics and identify patterns easily through pivot, strat, and summary tables.

Built-In Cashflow Engine

Determine loan performance assumptions, including prepayments, delinquencies, and defaults, to forecast cashflow under multiple scenarios.

Geo Map

Visualize where loan clusters exist across the U.S. based on loan attributes, including percent of loans actively modified, loan count, and average FICO.

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Automate administrative tasks

With over 400 leading institutional investors on the dv01 platform, issuers can easily provide investors access to historical securitizations performance for previous securitizations.

Handle Deal Access Requests Efficiently

Participating investors are automatically enrolled to the loan-level data and can request access to additional deals directly through the platform.

Centralized Securitization Information

Review a summary of all accessible deals, with essential deal information including closing date, originator, underwriter, remaining collateral balance, and more.

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