Boost Transparency and Confidence in Securitizations

A modern solution for monthly reporting on collateral composition and deal performance
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Forget Spreadsheets and PDFs
Forget Spreadsheets and PDFs
dv01’s securitization reporting solution brings loan level transparency to securitizations, ensuring investors have access to the most recent available data during the marketing period and after the deal closes. dv01 has provided investors with insight into $15 billion of securitization data from lenders including LendingClub, Avant, SoFi, and Marlette. All data is hosted in dv01’s Securitizations solution, which offers investors 24/7 access to a reporting and analytics portal populated with loan level securitization data.
How It Works
dv01’s Securitizations solution leverages loan level data and a suite of reporting and analytics tools to deliver a comprehensive solution designed for the needs of securitization investors.
dv01 connects directly with issuers to receive loan level data feeds
dv01 normalizes, formats, and rolls up data for monthly reporting for the trustee
Investors receive access to dv01’s reporting and analytics portal, populated with loan level data
Using built-in tools, investors gather insight on collateral composition and performance
Investors use dv01’s complimentary cashflow engine to create curve sets and run cashflow projections
Investors download monthly loan tapes directly through dv01’s portal