Portfolio SurveillanceTransform Your Loan Data Into a Strategic Asset

Advanced analytics for monitoring your loan portfolio
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Respond Rapidly to the Market

Mitigate Risk

Elevate Your Business Strategy

Stay ahead of the curve with a powerful end-to-end analytics solution

Whether you’re an issuer or investor, you need a comprehensive view of your loan portfolio to make key strategic decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

dv01 offers world-class analytics that help you tell your story to prospects, clients, and your capital markets team.

Streamline the data collection process

dv01 handles the entire data onboarding process, affording you more time to get fast answers to complex questions.

Seamless data integration

With several leading loan data providers already on the platform, dv01 can quickly ingest data from loan issuers, servicers, trustees, and originators within your portfolio.

Data integrity, assured

With unrivaled expertise handling loan-level data, we lift the burden of preparing data, giving you more time to identify risks and opportunities. 

Portfolio Surveillance - Loan Tape

Uncover performance drivers in your portfolio

dv01’s Portfolio Surveillance offers a simpler and more unified way to extract actionable insights on your portfolio across asset classes and strategies.

Slice and dice data

Harness best-in-class analytics to build dynamic reports and performance charts to spot trends and make more effective decisions, faster.

Project cashflows

Perform multiple cashflow scenarios on any pool of loans and download all collateral-level cashflows in Excel or access via API. Instant re-pricing on our interactive output screen eliminates the need to re-run the simulation just to change yield or spread assumptions.

Portfolio Surveillance - Cashflow

Deliver investor transparency

Reliable data is key to becoming a trusted investment partner and scaling your business. 

Broaden Investor Base

Issuers can demonstrate their reputation as quality loan originators to the leading investors on the dv01 platform or to potential investors by creating and sharing custom loan datasets.

Simplify investor meetings

Investors can leverage the built-in tools to run self-service reports, reducing the amount of investor requests your capital markets team receives.

Portfolio Surveillance - Transition Matrix
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Harness world-in-class portfolio analytics that deliver real results

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