About Us

The $20T+ U.S. mortgage and consumer lending markets operate on a workflow that is inefficient and fragmented; opaque and disparate data is not standardized and lives in antiquated databases and spreadsheets. The outdated processes and technologies make it difficult for investors to efficiently analyze loan-level data.

At dv01, we’re changing that. By providing the industry an end-to-end solution for accessing, reporting and analyzing standardized loan-level data, we’re doing our part to prevent a repeat of 2008.

Our Mission

Bringing unparalleled transparency and intelligence to every securitization for every investor.


To build the most comprehensive library of MBS and ABS data and empower the capital markets with world-class tools to make safer data-driven decisions.

Meet the Team
Fred Leong
Head of People Ops
Kerry Smith
Head of Sales
Jonathan Warrick
Head of Account Management & Reporting