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Cracking loan tapes just got quick and simple

Tape Cracker is a data wrangling tool powered by machine learning for ingesting, mapping, and formatting loan datasets originating from multiple sources.
Streamlining the data normalization process for loan tapes
Streamlining the data normalization process for loan tapes
Without a unified format for loan tapes, investors consistently spend too much time normalizing data across data providers. Tape Cracker alleviates the tedious and manual work of standardizing loan data, freeing up investors’ time for more data analysis.
Machine learning data mapping
Tape Cracker’s sophisticated machine learning field matching algorithm recognizes similarly labeled fields and consolidates the data points. Even better, the more data users ingest and map, the smarter and faster auto-mapping gets.
Configurable data export functionality
Easily export data in custom formats to seamlessly integrate data into proprietary applications or to deliver standardized files to third parties.
Built-in data validations
Mitigate inaccuracies by quickly identifying and resolving faulty data, missing values, and inconsistent formatting.
Cloud-based access for collaboration
Unlike localized desktop applications, users can share loan tapes across their organization, eliminating the need of emailing files back and forth.
Powerful reporting and analytics
Compare different versions of the same datasets by configuring derivative fields or create dynamic multi-level strats to summarize loan pools.
Ready to get crackin’?
Ready to get crackin’?

Let us show how Tape Cracker can streamline the entire data normalization process.

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