Leverage OptimizerStreamline Your Loan Allocation Process Across Credit Facilities

Efficient solution for increasing your advance amounts
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Leverage Enhancement

Time Efficiency

Risk Mitigation

Unlock enhanced liquidity by optimizing advance amounts in your credit facilities

Pledging loans to credit facilities can be a challenging maze of complexities, from diverse portfolios, criteria, and amendments to dynamic market conditions. dv01 simplifies this intricate, time-consuming process, providing a streamlined solution for efficient and strategic management.

By optimizing for increased advance amounts, issuers can unlock enhanced liquidity, capitalize on market opportunities, and ultimately bolster their financial flexibility.

Make loan allocation more of a science than art

dv01 translates credit agreements into a mathematical equation, plugs in the loan data points, and then solves the equation for maximum leverage.

Once data is fully ingested, optimization recommendations can be promptly delivered in minutes.

Daily Assignment

Loans are assigned on a daily basis across your facilities, ensuring constant optimization

Scenario Analyses

Explore various scenarios for optimal leverage within your facilities, such as amendments, or loan sales and securitizations

Diagnostic Reporting

Receive a comprehensive report outlining the optimal distribution of loans across your facilities

Leverage Optimizer
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