Loan Origination Report, Vol 13

1 June 2022

Loan Origination - vol 13


consumer unsecured


The latest installment of our Loan Origination Report today is now available.

 Below are some quick insights:

  • Origination volumes fell 6% MoM in April, and it was the first non-seasonal decline in 15 months. Factors may include concerns regarding increasing impairment and delinquency rates, as well as concerns of weakening performance as evident through swings in the equities of publicly traded online consumer lenders (pages 2-3).

  • DTI levels sank to a four-month low, and only 10 bps above its post-COVID record lows. This is very significant because it helps cull the narrative that lenders have been unilaterally increasing risks over the past year (page 4).

  • Top Grade GWACs rose for a fourth consecutive month (13 bps MoM), Bottom Grades fell for a sixth consecutive month (20 bps MoM), and Middle Grades remained unchanged. (page 9).

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