The Kids Might Be...All Right? Examining the Economic Landscape of America's Youngest Generations

16 March 2023

Kids Are AllRight


dv01’s latest research, The Kids Might Be…All Right?, examines the debt and wage levels across age cohorts, highlighting trends on homeownership rates, wage growth, student debt levels, and more, among the younger working generations.

Most notably, the research casts a spotlight on Gen Z, whose economic performance ranges from substantially improved to multi-decade highs across multiple metrics. The dv01 research analyzes data from multiple public sources, including The Federal Reserve, U.S. Census Bureau, Federal Student Aid Center, and others. 

Quick Insights

  • Homeownership rates for households under 35 have rebounded and are now at historical levels.

  • Inflation-adjusted median incomes rose 17% over the past 10 years across all households—and a staggering 40.4% for 18-24 year-old households.

  • Approximately 33% of outstanding student loans are scheduled to be amortized; 25% are not due, 10% are in default, and the rest are likely to not amortize (e.g., on an income-based repayment plan).

  • Graduate school debt makes up nearly 50% of all outstanding student debt.


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