dv01 is a reporting and analytics platform that brings transparency and insight to lending markets—making them more efficient for institutional investors and safer for the world. In a nutshell, we’re doing our part to prevent a repeat of 2008.
As a hub between lenders and capital markets, dv01 provides one source of transparent data for bonds and whole loans. To date, dv01’s reporting and analytics platform has offered institutional investors insight into $9 billion of securitizations and more than $55 billion of consumer, small business, real estate, auto, and student loans (>90% of total) from the largest online lenders, including LendingClub, Prosper, and SoFi.
By offering unrivaled data transparency, dv01 aims to simplify all aspects of loan and bond investment, expanding from online lending to the $13 trillion consumer and mortgage lending markets.


$13T of consumer lending data is stuck in antiquated databases and Excel spreadsheets. We plan to map every bit of it, add in business debt—and make it all accessible through one end-to-end solution.

We envision a world where:

  • All securitization and whole loan data is accessible in one place
  • Financial data is flexible and dynamic, making it easy to analyze
  • Data isn’t just numbers, but immediately actionable insights
How do we accomplish this?
By building a platform that moves capital markets from inefficient manual processes to automated reporting and analytics.


At dv01, each team member is as important as the product we build. We’ve brought together the best of Wall Street and Silicon Valley to create a team that fuses an insider’s understanding of incumbent financial processes with an uncompromising focus on technology.
We believe smart people can succeed at almost anything, so we encourage on-the-job learning (e.g. trying a new programming language) and real ownership over your work. Our fast paced environment necessitates a desire and willingness to grow both personally and professionally. We see value in effort and output, which is why we encourage all of our team members to take measured risks and never back away from a challenge.
Our current solution addresses the online lending market, but our ambitions are much larger: bring transparency to all $13T of consumer lending. Why does it matter? Because a more transparent market is less volatile, which benefits all participants: investors, lenders, and borrowers like you.
Data, data analysis, and data modeling are the cornerstones of our business. If you’re excited by big data and want to redefine the future of financial markets, we’d love to hear from you.


Above market compensation and equity

Full benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and 401k

Lunch and dinner are on us via a corporate Seamless account

Stocked kitchen with snacks of your choice

Large open office in the middle of Flatiron

Commuter benefits


Senior Data Engineer

dv01 is focused on normalizing data from marketplace lenders for servicers, portfolio managers, banks, and other financial institutions. Our data pipeline is modular, stateless and provides data for an actionable and informative user experience.

You are:

Datastore polyglot. You have been staying up to speed with the latest datastore innovations. You understand the difference between OLAP and OLTP, the value of columnar stores/indices and in memory datastores. Deep expertise in MS SQL Server is a plus.

  • Knowledge of distributed systems. Exposure to Akka, Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Zookeeper, Elastic or Kafka. You understand the value and also the cost of distributed systems and are confident processing 100GB of data using a distributed system. You can quickly track down errors or performance problems on your own.
  • Familiar with Dev Ops. Skilled in tools supporting the execution and maintenance of a data processing system. You understand the basics of bash so that you can debug the data processing system. You also know how to load your data and cut it every which way in SQL queries to confirm a pipeline change had its desired effect.
  • Value functional programming. You are well versed in the object oriented and functional programming debate and understand the value and difficulties in designing a stateless system.
  • Fluid with ad-hoc analysis. You know how to use Numpy, Stata R or Excel to work with small samples of data and craft visualizations that help you understand the data better.


You will:

  • Own data engineering. Our data pipeline is the most crucial component of the business and you will define our data engineering strategy balancing simplicity with performance and reliability.
  • Help scale our business. Data engineering a a crucial component for our customer on-boarding and you will be proactively resolving scaling bottlenecks before they impact our business.
  • Bring unique data insights to the table. dv01 has an unique vantage point on the marketplace lending industry which lends the role an air of creativity. Ideally, you’ll come to the table with some finance background.

Data Analyst

About This Role:

Ad hoc data analysis is integral to many components of our business at dv01. The data analyst will be responsible for querying, visualize and package our loan data for reporting, research and product development.

You are:

  • Comfortable working with medium data sets: You are comfortable working with datasets containing millions of rows and hundreds of columns. You can quickly slice and dice data with the tools such as R, Python, Stata, SAS, Tableu or SQL and package it in the desired format whether it is excel, a data visualization or a custom data format.
  • Expert with Excel: You have experience working with complex and large Excel documents and not need a mouse to get things done. You know when Excel is the right tool for the job.
  • Serious about Data Integrity: You have experience working with messy data from a variety of different sources and formats. You can quickly identify common data integrity patterns and cleanse the data.
  • Passionate about Data Visualization: You know what’s the most ideal way of visualizing data such as lines, bar, scatter charts. You understand the important of proper axis, labels, legends and colors for the visualization you create. You have experience building internal business intelligence dashboards.

You will:

  • Be the primary point of contact for ad hoc data needs: You will be one of the primary contact for ad hoc data needs. You will become an expert in our wide variety of data sets and use a broad range of tools to query, package and visualize data for a variety of different use cases.
  • Drive our data capabilities: You will have an integral role in defining how our data management strategy evolves. You’ll be evaluating new tools, data sets and processes for handling common patterns. You’ll be constantly thinking about how to make data more accessible for you and others who query our data.
  • Be busy: You will never find yourself bored at dv01. Right from the get-go, you will be adding value by helping answer questions that our clients and investors deem to be critical and figuring out how to present information in meaningful ways. You will immediately join the pursuit of improving the broken link between asset originators and the institutions that provide capital at the most exciting financial technology start-up in this space.

Loan Engineer - Data Pipeline

About This Role:

dv01 is focused on normalizing data from marketplace lenders for servicers, portfolio managers, banks, and other financial institutions. Our data pipeline is at the heart of what we do at dv01, allowing for an actionable, informative, and flexible user experience. As a Loan Engineer, you will be critical to creating the code used to transform dv01’s complex set of logic into usable output, as well as the processes that support and enhance it.

You are:

  • Passionate and hungry to learn more about origination of credit: You understand how loans work and perhaps even have some experience working in the world of finance. You strive to further your knowledge in this space; relevant experience working with loans or an understanding of the basic concepts behind them is a big plus.
  • A strong, well-rounded engineer: You have at least 1 – 2 years experience working in a role that has been primarily engineering-focused. You’re constantly working to improve your theoretical knowledge and toolkit, able to write thought-out code while being aware of resource and/or performance constraints, not scared to think outside the box, and value constructive criticism/rapid iteration.
  • Equipped to tackle a variety of engineering challenges: From transforming business logic into code, to working with CSVs and JSON from APIs, to web-scraping, you are comfortable writing code that deals with varying types of structured datasets; experience with ETL processes and/or data pipelines is a plus, as is experience with Spark and/or Scala.
  • Strong with SQL and/or R: You have used SQL in more complex, analytical capacities and have no problem transforming a question into a SQL query / R script to get an answer quickly. You are familiar with data frames and comfortable working with them in a variety of production-grade use cases.
  • A focused, detail-oriented, multi-tasker: You love the intricate details of a thorough analysis, but also stay aware of the bigger picture while operating across multiple threads of work. You are able to communicate your findings and opinions internally as well as with clients.
  • Flexible, available, and diligent: You are able to respond promptly to requests and emails outside of the traditional 9 – 5 window and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

You will:

  • Work independently while collaborating with a team: We are a small group where it is impossible to coast. You will work closely with the structuring team and other engineers to transform the raw data from asset originators into standardized output used by our clients. Your work to transform business logic into thoughtful, well-tested, creative code will be critical in the business’ success.
  • Expand your knowledge: You will get exposure to many facets of credit including origination, reporting, data conventions, asset performance, and capital markets transactions. You will get into the nitty-gritty of each servicer’s data and get your hands dirty with the finest details across multiple asset classes, building an understanding you wouldn’t receive at many other places.
  • Be an integral part of building out the future of our data pipeline: Your input will be critical in expanding the existing pipeline with added functionality that allows for more flexibility and ease-of-use internally, as well as more features for our clients.
  • Be busy: There is never a dull moment at dv01. You will immediately join the pursuit of improving the broken link between asset originators and the institutions that provide capital at the most exciting financial technology start-up in this space.

Loan Engineer - Reporting and Analytics

About This Role:

dv01 is focused on normalizing data from marketplace lenders for servicers, portfolio managers, banks, and other financial institutions. On top of our data pipeline, we strive to offer a range of reporting services to our clients depending on their individual needs. The reporting-focused Loan Engineer will immediately take ownership of the technical processes related to these reporting needs, handle the day-to-day communication with over a dozen different originators and numerous clients, and shape the future of the product from this perspective.

You are:

  • Experienced in building out technical reporting solutions: You have a minimum of 1 – 2 years experience working with reporting processes in a technical role in some sort of banking / capital markets capacity (Banks, Accounting Firms, Buy Side).
  • Knowledgable around investors’ reporting needs: You have a basic understanding of the type of information clients are looking for and can prototype new reports using data provided by originators; experience with warehouse facility reporting, reconciliation/back-office reporting, or securitization trustee reporting is a big plus.
  • Comfortable and confident building technical solutions with R: You have used R to analyze loan and/or financial data in some capacity; prior experience using R to create production-grade, automated/deployed scripts is a plus.
  • Eager to use your knowledge to transform an industry: You are very comfortable with the basics surrounding how loans work and have experience working with at least one asset class (e.g.; consumer unsecured, student loans, autos, mortgages, etc.). You strive to use this knowledge to transform how investors and originators look at their data, creating analyses and reports that provide powerful insight in a new way.
  • An experienced investigator: You easily navigate your away through large datasets in R (or a similar analysis tool), exploring data thoroughly to identify the sources of any inconsistencies and lay the mysteries to rest. Not only do you know what to look for, but you know how to document and communicate your findings.
  • A clear and concise communicator: You are very reliable through written and verbal communication and devoted to delivering client solutions promptly and accurately while being flexible with changing deadlines. You can leverage feedback and constructive criticism, turning it into a value add.

You will:

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of originators’ data: You will know each originator’s datasets better than anyone else and be the first point of contact when it comes to questions, conventions, or ad-hoc analyses. Your communication with the originators to get to the required level of understanding will be a critical way in which dv01 distinguishes itself from the competition.
  • Be instrumental in shaping the future of reporting processes: You will own the existing reporting processes as well as be responsible for prototyping new processes. You will work with others internally and workshop with clients to expand upon the current vision for reporting as well as lay the ground for dv01’s forays into other asset classes.
  • Be a primary point of contact: You will have constant contact with high-level clients at hedge funds, banks, and asset originators alike. Communicating the findings of your analysis and the logic underlying our standardized data sets with clients and originators is a key part of this role.
  • Be busy: You will never find yourself bored at dv01. Right from the get-go, you will be adding value by helping answer questions that our clients and investors deem to be critical and figuring out ways to present information in meaningful way. You will immediately join the pursuit of improving the broken link between asset originators and the institutions that provide capital at the most exciting financial technology start-up in this space.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

dv01 is a company with a wide range of high impact technical challenges across the full range of the technical stack. We embrace the cutting edge and constantly refine our stack to accommodate increasing scale and changing requirements of new customers.

You are:

  • Skilled across the spectrum of the stack. You’re a generalist who enjoys working with the front-end, backend and SQL databases. You can jump from data processing in Python/Scala/Java to React/Angular components. You can quickly answer ‘how many times does x appear in this file?’ using the command line tools and/or a scripting language.
  • Solid engineering fundamentals.  You write clean, well tested and modular code that requires minimal QA and is easily extendable by others. You have a strong desire not only to improve your own but also the engineering fundamentals of everyone you work with.
  • Natural leader. Your career demonstrates communication and collaboration across several teams to reach a shared goals. The skill to carry a project to fruition across team and framework boundaries is one of your strongest skills.
  • A continuous learner. You are constantly working to improve your knowledge and skill-set, eager to learn new technologies, continually challenge the status quo by thinking outside the box, and consider constructive criticism/feedback and the need for rapid iteration to be a good things.
  • Familiar with the financial industry. You understand the basics of the financial system and have worked in the space before.
  • Big data visualization.  Prior experience with data visualization and distributed systems is a plus.

You will:

  • Deliver data insights and visualizations to banks, portfolio managers, servicers, and other financial institutions. You will jump between areas like distributed systems, creating/changing frontend components, adding/tweaking modules that change heterogeneous input data to standardized output data. You will build functional, immutable data processing pipelines, build frontend features/data visualizations and design backend systems capable of querying large amounts of data.
  • Raise the bar for engineering. You aren’t afraid to speak up when you notice poor architecture, lack of comprehensive testing or messy code and proactively take steps to fix it with the support from the rest of the team. You help others improve and also take feedback from others to heart.


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