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The dv01 Digest: May 2021

1 June 2021

The dv01 Digest: May 2021


Welcome to The dv01 Digest, a monthly recap of the latest company announcements, market news, and industry stories.

Company News

dv01 named to Inc’s annual Best Workplaces in America list
For a second consecutive year, dv01 has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Best Workplaces in America! This year's list honored the 429 companies that employed policies that support employees and keep them engaged through a great culture—even outside of an office.

Watch dv01 COO Amy Johnson discuss her career in finance
dv01 is a proud partner of PowerToFly, a global community dedicated to a more diverse, inclusive, & transparent workplace. At this year’s PowerToFly Financial Inclusion Summit, dv01 Chief Operating Officer Amy Johnson discussed her career on Wall Street, how she discovered new opportunities by identifying patterns of interests, and why dv01 is a right fit for her. Watch her fireside chat here.

Download the latest dv01 Insights Reports
dv01 published a new Insights series that focuses on loan issuance volume. Download it here. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 loan performance trends, as well as how impairment performance between non-QM deals compare to the dv01 Non-QM Benchmark.

Deal Alert

The following datasets are now available on the dv01 platform, for a total of $50.9 billion in closing balance. Reach out if you’d like access.


Consumer Unsecured

dv01 in the Spotlight

dv01 converts disparate data into actionable insights. Read what industry players, experts, and media have discovered through the dv01 platform:

Product News

Stay up-to-date on the latest product updates here.

Strats page rebranded as Reports
As users' needs evolve, so must the tools we provide. The new Reports page offers new tools and functionalities: pivot and summary tables, as well as the ability to add substrats into individual strat cards. Learn more here.

Share Tape Cracker reports with a link
Stop worrying about the multiple file versions sitting on your desktop, a file being too large to send, or receiving “missing attachment emails.” Users can now share Tape Cracker reports through a secure, shareable link. Step-by-step instructions here.

In the Pipeline

Create loan pools in Tape Cracker
Coming soon is the ability to create subsets of data by manually selecting desired loans or running data validation rules.


Group defined value fields across the web app
Get more control over how you view your data by combining related fields together. This allows you to to group multiple delinquency loan statuses into one, create geographic regions, and more.


Product Tool Tip

Sharing Tapes on Tape Cracker
No more emailing spreadsheets! After finalizing a report, create a Saved View and export it as a link. Step-by-step instructions here.

What We’re Reading

Decreased credit card debt: A pandemic trend or long-term shift?Americans are paying off their credit cards at the fastest rates in years, and the number of open credit-card accounts fell for the first time last year after at least seven years of consecutive increases. The Wall Street Journal reports issuers are spending more on marketing and loosening their underwriting standards to make up for the falling interest income.

Green Bitcoin: When two of the hottest trends collide
As concerns about cryptocurrencies’ environmental impact mount, Green Bitcoin may emerge. Bloomberg reports that cryptominers are working to sell Green Bitcoin, which are coins whose transactions are verified on the blockchain by computers powered only by renewable energy. The bet is that they will be able to command a premium of up to 10%.


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