Consumer Credit Loan Performance Update (Data as of March 2024)

23 April 2024

Episode 10 Blog

Episode Description

In this episode, Vadim explores a novel method of analyzing government debt, highlighting how, despite rising federal debt, the aggregate U.S. debt as a percentage of GDP fell from 2006 to 2019 and only increased in 2020 due to substantial pandemic-related fiscal measures.

He also discusses trends in Consumer Unsecured, Subprime Auto, and Non-QM. Notably, the ongoing challenges with increased impairments and low cure rates in Non-QM, despite rising prepayment rates in 2023, as well as the seasonality trends within Consumer Unsecured and Subprime Auto.

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dv01's In The Tranches of Structured Finance podcast explores macroeconomic trends, sector performance, and the future of capital markets. As a leading market intelligence company in structured credit, dv01 provides transparency and actionable insights through loan-level data and research.


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