Origination Report: Jumbo Mortgage, April 2022

11 July 2022

Jumbo Mortgage Origination - April 2022


The newest installment of our Jumbo Mortgage Report is now available for download. This report leverages the ATTOM dataset that contains public county-disclosure data to shed light on origination trends. The use of external data allows us to gain insight into the broader market, and not just securitized loans.

Some quick insights:

  • April showed the first clear signs of declining originations in response to higher rates, with originations falling 13% MoM.

  • No attribute has seen a greater divergence this year than loan purpose. Purchase originations grew from 44% volume in January to 63% in April, a 19% increase compared to a historical 8%.

  • Average LTV peaked at 79.2 in December 2021, but have fallen back to their 77-78 range.¬†


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