Loan Origination Report, Vol 12

27 April 2022

Loan Origination - vol 12


consumer unsecured


The latest installment of our Loan Origination Report today is now available.

 Below are some quick insights:

  • Loan volume increased 15% MoM; contributing factors include seasonality, rising inflation, and surging energy prices (pages 2-3).

  • The percentage of loans to borrowers with credit ages over 30 has remained low and relatively unchanged, despite this segment growing over the past five years (page 6).

  • The difference between loans made to Top Grade and Bottom Grade

    GWAC is 4.32%, the lowest it has been in at least six years, reflecting the unique dynamics of rising rates pressuring GWACs in Top and Middle Grades upward, while strong consumer credit performance pushes risk ahead and brings Bottom Grade GWACs lower (page 9).

Download the report to stay up-to-date on the insights in the online consumer unsecured market.


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