Origination Report: Unsecured Personal Loans, June 2022

27 July 2022

June 2022 Origination

The newest installment of the dv01 Origination Report: Unsecured Personal Loans is now available. We added two new attributes to analyze (state and average loan balance) and added new charts to illustrate DTI ranges (Figure 5) and GWAC differences between grades (Figure 14). Download to gain insights into the consumer unsecured market.

Below are some quick insights:

  • Origination volumes decreased 9% MoM, marking the third consecutive month in which volumes were lower than historical trends (page 4).

  • Lower DTI originations suggest that originators are targeting borrowers with lower-leverage profiles that can better withstand inflation pressures on spending habits (page 7).

  • Loans with a balance under $10K were very popular last year, but they have returned to their historical range. Conversely, there has been a surge in loans with balances over $35K this year, which now represent the largest share of new originations (page 9).

  • The spread between Bottom andTop Grade GWACs fell 80 bps MoM to 13.1% and are now at its lowest level ever (page 12).


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