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Employee Spotlight: Fiz Naqvi

27 May 2020

fiz employee


dv01 has some rockstar employees in its ranks. The Employee Spotlight series highlights talented individuals in the dv01 family. In this edition, we spoke with Fiz Naqvi, Manager of Culture & Experience.

As the Manager of Culture & Experience, what is your favorite aspect of the role?
My favorite aspect of the position is connecting with people individually and finding creative ways to bring everyone together. Everyone at dv01 knows I'm available as a friend and a resource. It's one of my goals to make sure everyone feels happy both professionally and personally. This helps keep everyone motivated and collaborating across teams for a better and more successful work experience.

You've been at dv01 for 4 years. How have you seen dv01’s culture change over time?
In these four years, it’s crazy to think about how much we’ve grown over such a short span of time and to think about the people who used to work here a long time ago and the people who are still here from the beginning. It’s almost like being part of a long running television show with a revolving cast of characters. But through our growth, the core values of the company and the quality of connection between employees have always remained the same.

How has dv01’s culture adapted to a virtual environment, and what advice do you have for other companies?
The most important thing is maintaining a connection between employees despite the physical distance, which thankfully, is easy because of modern technology. At dv01, we're always thinking about the health and happiness of everyone. Daily virtual meditations or workout sessions helps people stay healthy in quarantine. Game night through Jackbox, movie night through Netflix Party, virtual cooking sessions and virtual cocktail hours are a lot of fun and keep people engaged.


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