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Employee Spotlight: Martin Aceto

1 September 2021

Employee Spotlight: Martin Aceto


Over the years, dv01 has evolved from a scrappy startup to an emerging industry leader reimagining Wall Street's tech stack. The Employee Spotlight series showcases highly talented individuals driving dv01's success. In this edition, we spoke with Martin Aceto, Engineering Manager, Internal Applications.

How was your journey to dv01?
My experience has spanned across the US and Latin America, and as a consultant, I worked in various industries—from tourism and transportation, to martech and financial services. For several years now, a dv01 employee and friend had been trying to poach me. After running my own business for six years, I wanted a new challenge but wanted to explore more in finance. What really drew me to dv01 was the sheer amount of complex data that exists in finance, the technological stagnation that currently exists, and the fascinating solutions dv01 has built so far. So when I was finally ready for my next move, I reached out to my friend who put me in contact with the recruiter. A fun fact I learned about dv01 is that 35% of employees joined via internal referral—which says a lot about how much employees believe in dv01’s future!

What is the Internal Application team?
Our team builds internal workflows and tooling that drives efficiency and productivity. We work with key dv01 stakeholders to understand operational deficiencies and develop solutions that allow us to scale.

Why should people join the Internal Applications team?
What makes our team so exciting is that the end user is dv01 itself! dv01 employees use our products to keep the business running. There should always be a business case when developing solutions; in our team, it boils down to functionality, efficiency and usability. So when you work on a project and see that dv01 employees are now operating 50% more efficiently, it’s a great feeling seeing the impact you have on users’ workflow and the company’s bottom line. Additionally, you get to use the latest technologies when building products. For us, we’re relying more on serverless architecture, which has made deployment easier, improved our flexibility, and allowed us to focus more on the UX.

What are some projects you’re working on?
A high-impact project we’re working on completely reimagines dv01’s data onboarding and securitization reporting workflow. We’re building new tools that tackle a fundamental element of our data infrastructure and set us up for growth!

We currently have over 725 securitizations on the dv01 platform, and each month, the dv01 securitization team (data analysts and data engineers) uploads new deals, updates existing deals, QAs data to ensure financials tie out, and releases data onto the dv01 web app for our clients. Additionally, the finance team uses collateral balances and deal counts to accurately calculate payment and invoice clients.

We are working very closely with Design and all stakeholders to design a securitization operations dashboard that will save people time and help us scale, which is especially important as we expand into new asset classes and increase our market share in sectors we already support.

How will an engineer grow on your team?
As a manager, it’s my responsibility to have engineers happy, productive, and aligned. I work with my team to understand the challenges they’re facing, the skills and experience they want to achieve at dv01, and set goals. While I’m pretty hands off, I can also be more involved if asked. At dv01, you learn more about finance, have the opportunity to exercise leadership, and learn new skills.

Interested in joining the team? Explore dv01 opportunities here.


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